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VCIX-NV Exam Experience

Last month I sat and passed the VCIX-NV exam. Driven, like a lot of others, by the impending retirement of the exam that keeps getting extended…more on tha...



It’s been 2 weeks now since I sat and passed the VCP-NV. Straight after the exam I went on holiday and on coming back I got straight back into work.

The iSCSI Mystery (+Death to e1000s)

I was asked to look at an issue recently with bad IO performance on an SQL VM. SQLio tests were being run and the figures coming back were much lower than e...

New Domain, Github Hosted, Jekyll built!

This it my new site/blog which is hosted on Github Pages and created with Jekyll. It’s a steep learning curve as I’ve not used either before and involved a l...

Host Profiles to the Rescue!

I haven’t used host profiles much in anger.  I’ve seen them used as first snapshots of host config, but rarely updated (naughty I know!).

My vSphere HomeLab

Everyone’s got one, and like petrolheads showing off their v8 or GTI here’s my vSphere homelab.


VCP5 Lab Tweak - vApp/HA for one?

I’ve been using my little HP Microserver and it’s a beauty.  However I do have to keep powering it on and then connecting with vi client to the host then pow...

VCP5 - Ditching Auto-Deploy!

After being an evangelist last week I’m now converting my Auto-Deploy ESXi hosts into Stateful installs and therefore ditching their wonderful ephemeralness!

VCP5 - Me and my virtual history

I’m 37, work at a global IT services company with big customers. When I started in 2005 my first project was helping deploy 10s of ESX hosts. Yes “ESX” v2....

VCP 5 - The Journey Begins

I passed my VCP4 way back in 2011. Shortly after (very shortly!) those pesky developers released vSphere5. VMware generously allowed VCP4’s to upgrade by t...


Nasty Nas Behaviour

layout: post title: NASty NAS behaviour! date: 2013-04-28T18:00:00+00:00 comments: true tags: cloudstation dsm nas synology Now let me ...


How to get XP for free

I recently had a request to provide some instructions for newly transitioned users on Windows 7 on “Where is it in Windows 7 compared to XP”.  Now I’ve seen ...


The evils of snapshots!

Been away from tech-blogging for a while now for a number of reasons, not least studying for vcp4.