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Spideroak Ubuntu One Dropbox SkyDrive Synced Storage iDriveSync LiveKive (AVG)
Free Storage 2GB 2Gb 2Gb/8GB** 5GB 5GB 5GB
Additional Storage Costs 100GB/$100 20GB/$29.99 50GB/$99 100GB/$199 Unlim/$59.88 25GB/$49.99 Unlim/$79.99
PC Client Yes Yes(Beta) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linux Client Yes Yes Yes No No No
Mac Client Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android Client Yes Yes* Yes No No Yes
iPhone Client Yes Yes* Yes No No Yes


I personally go with Dropbox as I find the client to be small and pretty unobtrusive. But I’ve not used the others intensively.  I’ll leave you to have a try and there is 21GB or more to play with!