I’ve filled up my schedule, I’ve Favourited sessions that were full so I can check the standby queues out and here’s a few other things I want to tick off this time round at VMworld

  • Surf the hall more. Last year I waited until the Thursday but had some great talks with folks at Simplivity, Pernixdata and others...don't know why I was so shy but this time I'm going to be asking lots of questions....even "Tell me what your thing does!" :-)
  • Hands on Labs - In particular the Docker one HOL-SDC-1430 - Docker Essentials for the vSphere Admin
  • Hook up with our TAM. If your company has a tam you should really be in touch with them regularly to make sure they know what you're working on, and in big global companies where not everyone communicates quite as well as they should...they may even tell YOU what you're company is working on
  • Check out the Training and certification booth/space. I'm keen to do more qualifications and build on my VCP5, VCP6-NV and move on to VCAP/VCIX and VCPC, read more here VMware Training and Cerification
  • I might have some tapas and a cerveza too. But just the one!

    PAR6385 -- 3 Reasons Why Your Customers Will Need VMware Identity Manager (vIDM)Monday14:15Hall 8.0, Room 27
    GS-TUE -- General Session - TuesdayTuesday09:00Hall 6.0
    STP1002 -- An Extensible Solution for Software Driven Data Centers with VMware and AristaTuesday11:50Solutions Exchange Theater
    EUC6105 -- What's New in VMware Identity ManagerTuesday12:30Hall 8.0, Room 25
    SEC6319-SPO -- Freeing Security from the Bounds of Hardware and TimeTuesday14:00Hall 8.0, Room 34
    CTO6454 -- Delivering Maximum Performance for Scale-Out Applications with ESX 6Tuesday15:30Hall 8.0, Room 24
    SDDC5440 -- VMware Validated Designs - An Architecture for the SDDCTuesday17:00Hall 8.0, Room 23
    GS-WED -- General Session - WednesdayWednesday09:00Hall 6.0
    STP1032 -- Ensuring Performance and Availability at Scale for Your Virtual EnvironmentWednesday10:50Solutions Exchange Theater
    INF4853 -- Docker Containers on vSphere: Performance Deep DiveWednesday12:30Hall 8.0, Room 20
    NET5213 -- Operational Best Practices for VMware NSXWednesday14:00Hall 8.0, Room 21
    INF5229 -- Docker and Fargo: Exploding the Linux Container HostWednesday17:00Hall 8.0, Room 23
    VMWORLD PARTY -- VMworld 2015 PartyWednesday19:00Hall 6.0
    NET5836 -- OpenStack with NSX Architecture Deep DiveThursday09:00Hall 8.0, Room 21
    NET4972 -- Incorporating VMware NSX in your DevOps Toolchain - Network Programmability with Python and AnsibleThursday10:30Hall 8.0, Room 31
    NET5640 -- Building a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with EVO SDDC and NSX IntegrationsThursday12:00Hall 8.0, Room 32
    INF4946 -- vSphere 6 Security Deep Dive: Certificates and IdentityThursday13:30Hall 8.0, Room 42