There was armageddon, then snowmageddon and now announcementageddon.

Twitter is on fire with frantic retweeting and updates on what people are excited about on the VMware front.  And there’s plenty to be excited about right now.

The biggest unsurprising but best bit is vSphere 6.0 goes GA. Now everyone can try long distance vmotion, VVols, 4vcpu Fault Tolerance, Instant Clone and more. Register for a trial and download below

To help you along with that comes the vCenter 6.0 Deployment Guide.  Fun bedtime reading for vExperts and kids alike.

Not enough for you to play with? Or you did all that 6.0 stuff in the Public Beta? Ok Download VIOS, VMware’s Integrated Open Stack

Finally a pre-Easter treat from VMware Certification.  1/2 Price VCP-NV until June 30th.  So if you’re wanting to get all Software-Defined in your network then get learning and register/book your VCP now on the cheap!

And that is your lot.  If it’s not enough then you are insatiable and it’s not my job to sate you!