So here I’m going to describe what many possibly have done before, but it’s needed for the exam… here goes.

  1. Configure NTP on an ESXi host. Connect to the ESX/ESXi host using the vSphere Client. Click the Configuration tab. Click Time Configuration/Properties/Options/NTP Settings. Click Add. Enter the NTP Server name. Click OK. Click the General tab. Click Start automatically under Startup Policy. Click Start and click OK. Click OK to exit.

  2. Enable/Disable/Configure Hyperthreading Connect to a host in vSphere Client Click the Configuration tab. Select Processors/Properties. In the dialog box, you can view hyperthreading status and turn hyperthreading off or on (default).

  3. Enable/Disable/Configure Memory Compression Cache Connect to a host in vSphere Client Click the Configuration tab. Click Software/Advanced Settings Select Mem from the options on the left. On the right Mem.MemZipEnable can be set to 1 to enable or 0 to disable Mem.MemZipMaxPct sets the maximum target size as a % of VM size.  Default 10%, Range 5-100

  4. License an ESXi Host Connect to a host in vSphere Client Click the Configuration tab.  (Anyone seeing a pattern here??) Click Software/Licensed Features Click Edit In there you can assign an existing license key or enter a new one. Alternatively you can license from a vSphere Level via Home/Administration/Licensing Click Manage vSphere Licenses From here you can add license keys (with labels for your identification then assign or remove them)

The End.