I recently had a request to provide some instructions for newly transitioned users on Windows 7 on “Where is it in Windows 7 compared to XP”.  Now I’ve seen lots of posts from people asking for install media etc. for XP.  Now whilst this isn’t a solution for that explicitly it does give you an XP environment to test in.

If you are lucky enough to have Windows 7 Pro/Enterprise/Ultimate.  Then you can simply enable “Windows XP Mode”.  This is a zero maintenance/setup Virtual Machine that will give you quick easy access to XP for testing/comparison.

This link explains it in detail


For the rest of us (or on home PCs not work PCs) Microsoft has generously packaged a Virtual PC up with XP installed for testing apps on IE6


There is also an image for Vista and Windows 7 in there.  But in this case the Windows XP one is most relevant.  Of course you will need to use them in Virtual PC (or convert them to VMware Player/Workstation format) But you have your test XP install now in a nice 500mb download!