Morning all,

I sat my VCP4 a couple of weeks ago and managed to pass.  It’s a tough exam and requires you to know about all aspects of VMWare’s offerings (but all detailed in the exam blueprint pdf!)

I’m not going to give you tips here as Scott Vessey’s blog invented that wheel and keeps it well maintained However through my company I did find out something interesting.

As we are a VMWare partner (and many of you who are working toward VCP are likely to be too, check with your manager or VMWare account manager) then you may have access to the VMWare Partner University.  In there you will find some very useful resources which will help you in learning some of the material you are required to know to pass your VCP.

There is an option to sign up for an “Accreditation”.  This is done via the Learning Paths by Role section.  There are three defined roles, Sales VSP, Technical Pre-Sales VTSP and  Technical Post-Sales VCP.

Now normally, like most engineers, the word sales would have me running for the hills.  However the Technical Pre-Sales courses are the most technical presentation/course that I have ever seen.  They are designed to teach you what you would need to know to answer customers queries/concerns etc.

Ironically it was after just sitting my VCP I found these resources.  I believe they would have been very helpful as a grounding (if not covering every aspect of the VCP) to revise.  Other bloggers/vmware folk have blogged about this before but this is just a reminder, and also to note they will soon be updating the materials to version 5.  Below is VMWare’s information about the 6 part course, which has accompanying end of module tests.  Enjoy!


Chris Neale VCP4 & VTSP4 :-)